At the time of our call, Chrys Morris was packing up brownies and peanut cookies for the veterans and residents at the Villa at Suffield Meadows. Exposure to COVID-19 had her miss the monthly social hour hosted by Hero’s Bridge and VFW Post 9835 later that day, but she plans to be in attendance at next month’s social.

She may be new to Hero’s Bridge, but Chrys is no stranger to volunteering. “As a stay-at-home mother, I volunteered for terminally ill babies who had been abandoned,” she shared. “I would hold the babies and rock them until they passed away. Then I would go home and hug my children and thank God that they had been born healthy.” Being the last source of comfort for ill babies was Chrys’ introduction to volunteerism.

When Chrys’ friend, and long-time Hero’s Bridge supporter, Carolyn Kirkland, suggested that she become involved with the organization, Chrys was eager for more information. “My husband, Bill, is a 23-year Army veteran. With his military history, I knew Hero’s Bridge was the place for me,” she said.

Bill served in Air Defense and was part of the Hercules program air defense system. “Bill helped to keep the skies safe. He loved his time in service. Bill is very patriotic and felt everyone should defend the freedom we all enjoy, she said.

Chrys attended the March Hero’s Bridge Volunteer Orientation and was paired up as a Battle Buddy to an elderly veteran. Having only recently been paired with this veteran, Chrys has just begun regular visits. When she met him, she brought flowers to his blind wife who had just been discharged from the hospital. “I thought at least she could smell the flowers and feel them,” said Chrys.

Chrys feels that Hero’s Bridge is a wonderful operation, “I love what they do and how they do it. Hero’s Bridge has sparked people into doing something bigger than themselves. It’s time that we stop listening to what should be done and do it.”

Chrys is originally from California. The daughter of an Army Veteran who pursued writing and art when he left the service. “My father, Robert Morris, worked as a Technical Writer and ironically wrote the technical manuals and field manuals that my husband Bill used during his service.”

The coincidences do not end there. Chrys’ maiden name and her husband’s last name are the same: Morris.

At 77-years-old, Chrys shows no signs of stopping. “I would like to do more volunteer work with Hero’s Bridge and be paired with another veteran.” Chrys would also like to help with yard work for veterans. “We owned a landscaping business together. I would enjoy being outside and helping,” she said.

Chrys is eager to promote Hero’s Bridge, “I can’t wait to get a shirt and become a walking billboard for Hero’s Bridge.”

We appreciate the time and energy Chrys, and all our volunteers, give to our aging veterans.