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6.2 million

The number of Vietnam Veterans

1.2 Million

The number of veterans who served in the Korean War

348 each day

The number of WWII veterans we lose each day

58% of All Veterans

Have never been enrolled in VA healthcare

10 Million

The number of veterans in the U.S. over the age of 65, over half of the entire veteran population



A recent study of malnutrition among older vets in home-based primary care found that 15% were malnourished.


1.4% of community nursing home residents have a substance abuse history. 18% of older veterans have recent substance abuse history compared to 1% of the general older population.


Close to 17% of veterans had PTSD emerge for the first time later in life. The emergence of PTSD symptoms in late life (after retirement age) has been noted to correlate with the onset of dementia.


Older veterans are 25% more likely than nonveterans to report experiencing two or more chronic conditions.


Older veterans account for 58% of veteran suicide deaths in a recent Suicide Data Report

Our Board of Directors

Molly Brooks, RN-BC, CHPCA
Molly Brooks, RN-BC, CHPCA
David Benhoff, LtCol. USMC (ret.)

David Benhoff, LtCol. USMC (ret.)

Rick Heppard

Rick Heppard

David M. Jones, CPA

David M. Jones, CPA

John McCue, DO

John McCue, DO