A phone call separates a Navy Veteran from healthcare coverage. Hero’s Bridge Field Battle Buddy, Sean Hagerty made the call that connected the Veteran with coverage. 

Sean met Navy Veteran Gary and his wife Susan, for the first time on February 13. Gary had just come home from a hospitalization, and Susan was feeling overwhelmed with finances and now medical bills.

While helping the couple with their finances and reviewing paperwork, Sean happened upon a VA Medical 1095-B, used to provide proof of medical coverage for veterans. Both Gary and Susan said they never had VA coverage. Sean pulled out his phone to make a call.

Using the couple’s 2023 Social Security income tax forms for both Gary and Susan, he was able to get Gary healthcare coverage over the phone within one hour. Gary now has his first Primary Care appointment scheduled. This will establish his primary care provider within the VA medical system.

The next step will be for Sean to help Gary get his VA disability rating. He has already completed the necessary forms to request military records.

But Sean wasn’t done for the day.

The couple mentioned a leaky roof, and Sean took a step outside. After a brief tour around the home, he saw holes in the siding causing water damage from gutters full of leaf debris. Furthermore, their front steps and walkways were not conducive for an individual who will soon be wheelchair-bound.

Sean returned to the office to report back to the Home Front volunteers and partner organizations. Be sure to check back for updates on Veteran Gary and Susan!

Helping a Veteran get much-needed healthcare isn’t bad for a day’s work!