In recognition of Veterans Day, WJMA’s J.D. Slade invited Hero’s Bridge CEO Molly Brooks back to his studio for an update on the organization. Slade learned about Hero’s Bridge when Brooks helped his friend, a Vietnam Veteran, acquire war medals that had been lost, among them was a stolen Purple Heart. Once his paperwork had been received, it revealed a list of awards and recognitions that the veteran had earned. The shadowbox that Brooks made of his medals is now a conversation piece with his grandchildren.

According to Slade, meeting Brooks and learning about Hero’s Bridge has had the greatest impact on his life since working at WJMA.

Slade asked Brooks, “What can we do to help Hero’s Bridge?”

Brooks responded, “Get to know us and consider volunteering.”

Listen to the two part interview with Molly Brooks during his Local Issues, Real People segment. This segment is sponsored by Rappahannock Electric Cooperative.


Local Issues, Real People Hero’s Bridge Part One


Local Issues, Real People Hero’s Bridge Part Two