Warrenton, VA, November 10, 2020 – Early this year, Hero’s Bridge shot footage of local veterans’ substandard housing conditions. “It is widely accepted that our veterans are well-taken care of in their senior years,” said Molly Brooks, CEO, and Founder of Hero’s Bridge. “Our staff and volunteers have been entering veteran homes for nearly five years and can attest to the sometimes-shocking conditions they have encountered.”

Collaborating with Talk19Media, the team spent a day traveling from Culpeper to Alexandria to meet with veterans who agreed to have their homes filmed. “We can no longer tolerate seeing our senior heroes living in social isolation and severely substandard living conditions. I hope you will view our mini-documentary which films three of our actual veterans and the conditions they endure,” said Brooks. “With this video, we hope to educate people on the housing conditions of our veterans and that they will share our vision of breaking ground on our Hero’s Bridge Village of tiny homes where our most marginalized veterans can live in safety and comfort,” Brooks added.

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