Hero’s Bridge operates with four core values. I would like to share them with you:

  1. Always remain centric to the older veteran
  2. No red tape
  3. No passing the buck
  4. Never leave a man behind

Eliminating bureaucratic red tape enables Hero’s Bridge to provide services and solutions faster to help America’s aging veterans. When our office receives a call from or about a veteran in need, we are poised to respond.

With minimal phone calls and within a matter of hours, we will have a solution.

We will have meals scheduled for delivery, volunteers assembled to make necessary home safety repairs, and in cases of financial duress, we can even have utilities paid to ensure the lights stay on.

Sometimes our solutions are temporary, like a few nights in a motel during an arctic winter spell when the furnace isn’t running.

Sometimes they take longer to get resolved, like replacing rotten deck boards.

And other times, we are blessed by a community of givers that come together at a pace that makes one’s heart swell with hope, like when our veteran’s kitchen cabinets fell clear off the walls, making his kitchen one gigantic hazard.

This is what sets Hero’s Bridge apart from other agencies. Hero’s Bridge four core values, allow us to answer the call when an aging veteran needs something and get a solution, quickly.

Follow our social media accounts to read our new #NoRedTape series. Where we share quick resolutions to mounting issues.

When something needs to be done, push ahead and overcome all obstacles — there is always a way,” said  Jay Zeamer, Jr. Army, World War II, Medal of Honor recipient.

We couldn’t agree more.

I hope you enjoy this month’s newsletter.