Beth Shubert is looking forward to introducing her two-year-old Pitbull-Boxer Carson to our veterans. “She’s still a little too active and excited to meet people. She’s getting more training before we join the Paw Patrol program.”

In the meantime, Beth is becoming well-versed in other Hero’s Bridge programs. As a matter of fact, she is somewhat of a Volunteer Floater. “I just do what needs to be done when I see Shanna sends out a call for volunteers.”

Freshly retired, her “new” career as a Realtor permits her to set her own schedule, which gives her the flexibility to pivot with little notice. “I worked for 32 years with the Fairfax County government. I am blessed to be retired and doing something I truly enjoy that gives me the flexibility to volunteer with Hero’s Bridge,” she said.

As it turns out, Beth’s energy multiplies when she is around others. “I am a people person and can quickly connect and bond with people.” A valuable quality to possess when volunteering with aging veterans.

She was introduced to Hero’s Bridge through her neighbor, Kayla Johnson, who runs the Paw Patrol program. Last March, a veteran needed a new fridge. It was Kayla, her husband Jesse, and Beth’s fiancé Joey, who picked up and delivered the new fridge to Vietnam Veteran, Mike Baker.

After seeing and hearing more about the organization through Kayla, Beth thought it would be a perfect fit for her. “My father served in the Army for six years. After his military service, he worked for the Department of Justice, retiring after 40 years of Federal service. He passed away in 2015 and was buried with full honors at King David Memorial Gardens in Falls Church.”

Beth truly enjoys her time with Hero’s Bridge. “The veterans are so appreciative of the time I spend with them. They are simply grateful for small acts. When I tell a veteran to have a good day, they often respond by telling me that their day is already good because of my visit. That sort of impact is infectious.”

Since Beth joined Hero’s Bridge in May, she has made house visits, transported veterans to their appointments, dropped off gifts from Hero’s Bridge, spends her visits actively listening to veteran stories, and looks forward to joining the Paw Patrol ranks with Carson.

We are thrilled to have Beth among our volunteers!