Vietnam Veteran, Mike, has called a small trailer home for fifty years. Five decades will leave its mark on anything and over the years, the once new trailer has fallen into disrepair. Mike’s age has made it difficult for him to maintain the trailer. With holes in the foundation, it wasn’t long before the pests, both large and small, moved in. Having tolerated near-intolerable conditions for years, Hero’s Bridge stepped in to help him. “Serving those who served this country is the core of the Hero’s Bridge mission. We couldn’t continue to watch our veteran live in such substandard conditions,” says co-founder and Executive Director Molly Brooks.

Hero’s Bridge collaborated with Foothills Housing Corporation, whose mission is to provide safe, decent, affordable housing opportunities. This can include healthy affordable housing, build/repair homes and financial counseling.

Over the course of three months, Hero’s Bridge worked with representatives from the nonprofit to ensure our veteran had the necessary paperwork and applications to ensure eligibility.

Earlier this month, Mike relocated to a local motel for a few days while a crew came in to fumigate the trailer. Following fumigation, the project will move forward with repairs. “Mike is doing well away from home and is feeling very positive about everything and excited about the construction starting,” reports Janelle Davenport, Hero’s Bridge Battle Buddy coordinator. Hero’s Bridge is privileged to help with repairs to Mike’s home.