Kim Beahm and her husband and children have been breeding dogs in Fauquier County for over five years. “One time a woman came to meet a litter of puppies to see if any would make good therapy dogs. This prompted me to learn more about therapy dogs and see if it might be something we should pursue,” said Kim who always wanted to give back to the community in some manner.

In 2017, Kim and her husband kept one dog that they named Obsidian or Sid for short (on far right in photo). “We don’t often keep dogs because as a responsible breeder its hard enough to just break even, but there was something special about this dog.

Sid was just 11 weeks old when they met with Master Trainer Bryant who asked Kim to put Sid in “dog stay”, walk away, and then call her over, never thinking that Sid would obey. Sid obeyed the commands.

With her focus now firmly on therapy dogs, Kim registered Sid for a dog-show to see how she managed the loud noises at the show. Kim had little expectation that Sid would win any awards, but in the end she left with three first place ribbons and a dog unfazed by a hectic and loud environment. Kim knew she had a special dog.

Over the next few years, Kim and Sid began working with Paws for Reading at schools and visiting nursing homes. When COVID hit, they offered relief to teachers and parents with children with special needs. For facilities they couldn’t get back into, Kim sent cards with Sid’s paw print stamped on them as a reminder that Sid hadn’t forgotten them.

Kim was introduced to Hero’s Bridge through a dog therapy group called Waggin’ Paws in Rappahannock County. The mission of the organization resonated with her and her close relationship with two aging veterans.

Since joining as a volunteer with Hero’s Bridge, Kim and Sid have helped veterans with end of life comfort and through the passing of a spouse through their Paws Patrol program. They also make regular visits to veterans and residents at nursing homes. “Sid just seems to connect with people’s emotions” said Kim.

Today Sid holds 11 AKC titles, but more importantly, she has brought great care and comfort to children and the elderly throughout the region. Hero’s Bridge is grateful that Kim has elected to share her special dog and her heart with our aging veterans.