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Speakers Invited to Support the Hero’s Bridge Village Project

In response to the September 12 Town Council Meeting Public Comment period when members of the community spoke in opposition to the Hero’s Bridge Village project, Hero’s Bridge invites supporters to register with Hero’s Bridge to speak at an upcoming Planning Commission, Town Council, and/or Candidate Forum meeting.

The purpose of the Hero’s Bridge supportive speakers list is to better educate the community about the reason and need for the Hero’s Bridge Village.

We invite supporters to review the Hero’s Bridge Village Frequently Asked Questions. These were compiled from concerns during the public comment period. This list will be added to as concerns arise.

Someone will respond to each speaker registration.

The Need for the Hero’s Bridge Village

​Prior military service, especially in combat, has been shown to greatly affect the aging process.

While some veterans do well, many others experience chronic illnesses from Agent Orange and other wartime exposures. The loss of a spouse, retirement, or illness often sends these heroes in a downward spiral and the military culture they know keeps them from asking for help. Every day we receive calls from hospitals, emergency rooms, social services, churches, and other organizations asking us to help with an older veteran they have come across. We can assist many of them in their own homes, but some situations are just too severe to help them where they are. They need a Village.

A safe, clean home is a basic necessity, essential to a human’s well-being and we have a responsibility to ensure every senior veteran has safe and supportive housing. For our older heroes, trying to sustain big unwieldy houses can be what tips the scales from independence to dependence

Hero’s Bridge Village will be first of its kind community dedicated exclusively to aging veterans to lift our aging veterans out of substandard living conditions and social isolation.

The Hero’s Bridge Village will radically change the lives of these veterans as well as the culture of our community. Our pocket community will prioritize socialization and wellness, not profit. It will be a place of peace and healing, not maximum square footage. Our veterans of World War II, Korea, and Vietnam have already given so much, the least we can do for them is provide affordable and supportive housing.

We hope you will join us in our mission to make sure No Vet Is Left Behind!

Spend just 15 minutes to learn more about our region’s aging veterans living conditions to learn more about why the need for our village is so great. 

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