On a beautiful late summer day in August, 91-year-old Korean War Army Veteran, Larry Corbin did something he hadn’t done in 75 years: flew in a small Warbird aircraft, a Fairchild UC-61, which happened to be just one year younger than him.

“Not long after WWII, I was 16 years old and working at a county airport in Rhode Island that had Quonset huts and an airstrip. I spent the summer there helping mechanics repair and fly the planes.” Corbin learned to fly, but never earned his license. “I always wanted to be a commercial pilot, but that never worked out.” Corbin spent 25 years working for the Federal Credit Union and laughs about his 6-digit account number when the credit union now has over 2.5M members.

During the Fairchild UC-61 flight, Corbin flew over his daughter’s 16-acre farm, where he now lives in the company of both his family members and many animals.

Hero’s Bridge Community Health Worker, Janelle Huffman, made this flight possible with the help of the Capital Wing of the Commemorative Air Force based out of Brandy Station in Culpeper County.

Hero’s Bridge has an ongoing relationship with the nonprofit that awards local flights to Hero’s Bridge veterans each year. Corbin was very grateful to be this year’s flight recipient.