Summer has proven itself to be a challenging time for our veterans, especially so this year. Finances are tenuous and making ends meet for older people has become harder than ever. Combine unprecedented storms, power outages, and sustained high temperatures with record-high gas prices and inflation and you can only imagine how our most vulnerable aging veterans are getting along.

This is all simply a way of painting the picture of what our team and volunteers have fought against this month. We have provided money for gas, driven veterans to their appointments, made seemingly endless phone calls to ensure safety after severe storms rolled through our region, all while brightening their days with simple tokens of gratitude: a bouquet of flowers, a simple Hero’s Bridge mug, a visit from a loving pet, a parade of smiling children dressed in their finest red, white, and blue.

The small acts we perform add up and gradually, over time and with consistent attention, improve the quality of life for all of our veterans. We are proud of the work we do. We are grateful for the recipients of our work. And we are honored to serve our aging veterans. Read our newsletter.