We have lost 7 of the veterans we serve since June. It is always difficult to learn that a veteran, who we cannot reach during our welfare checks, has passed away. But it also serves to remind us that right up until the very end of their lives, we offer help.

This is one of the reasons that the Veterans Village is such a critical undertaking. When we visit some of our veterans we know they will not be seeing anyone else until we come again next week. It shouldn’t be that way. Our aging veterans need special care and attention at the end of their lives and the Village will allow our entire community to help provide that care and attention.

Families, clubs, and businesses have begun sponsoring bricks for our Village. They aren’t just bricks however, each sponsorship has a special story behind it and I thought you all might like to hear some of those stories. In this newsletter and elsewhere you will begin to see spotlights on the humans “behind the brick”. We hope that everyone who has a veteran in their lives will honor them with a commemorative brick as we begin to build our Village.

I hope you enjoy reading this month’s newsletter and as always I am so very grateful that you have joined us on this journey to change how America’s veterans age. Read the newsletter.