The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


Running for Heroes has taken on the challenge of running one marathon, every month in 2021 to raise $26,200 for the Hero’s Bridge Veterans Village.

With only two marathons to go, they are close to completing the physical challenge. They are asking for the community’s support and donations to help them reach their fundraising goal. To date, they have raised $9,190 toward their $26,200 goal.

Here they recap their most recent runs since the mid-summer run summary.

You can donate to their effort here.

August  – “The Ugly”

There is a reason people don’t run marathons in Virginia in the summer. The heat and humidity bring the humility.

August was an ugly run, the weather plus the 8 previous marathons were starting to catch up with us and take their toll. We didn’t write anything up afterwards as we both were really just happy to have checked it off the list.

It’s hard to run knowing you are capable of better times, but physically just can’t achieve what you think you are capable of. When we are slugging along trying not to walk, I often start singing some military cadences in my head, and sometimes out loud just to keep in a rhythm.

I always enjoyed the group runs when I was on active duty. When everyone is singing it motivates you. It distracts you from what your body is feeling. You are concentrating on maintaining your step and jody versus.

“It’s hard to run knowing
you are capable of better times.”

September – “The Bad”

Overall, the time it took us to complete the September marathon wasn’t horrible, but body fatigue and injuries made the run a challenge. Knees, backs, and feet were really starting to protest the amount of running we were doing, but we were also busy with work and family, so our normal training runs were fewer and farther between. I know personally that I do better overall when my running is more consistent, but that isn’t always possible.

“Knees, backs, and feet were really starting to protest the
amount of running we were doing.”

October – “The Good”

Our run this past weekend was better, the weather was cooler, and we had a friend join us for the first half of the marathon. Tate had joined us for the Army 10 Miler and decided to join us for his first ever Half Marathon.

It was great having him out there. The second half was back to Team Ricky-Bobby slogging away at the last miles. We were feeling decent, a little sore from not running much as far training runs, but overall, the time was better than the last few months.

Then at mile 23 we got a little sidetracked. On our way back up to Old Town, we were passing the Fire Station and a retiree stopped us and asked us if we would walk her up to the circuit rider bus stop. One bus stop turned into the next bus stop, to in front of Molly’s.

After a mile and some pleasant conversation, we begged our pardon, and she let us finish our last two miles. We were a little stiff after having walked for a bit, but we finally got the last two miles done. I had to laugh afterwards, because up to mile 23 I was so focused on trying to complete the marathon in a time that I thought was better than our last several efforts, that it took a sweet retiree to remind us of why we were running in the first place.

We are running to bring awareness to the needs of our elderly veterans. Our friend we met along the way just wanted someone to walk with and talk to. So many of our local elder veterans just want the same.

That is why the Heroes Bridges Battle Buddy program is so important. Veterans want to maintain their independence, but they also need help and company sometimes.

The Heroes Bridge Village will help those Veterans in more dire need than others, and give them place to get back on their feet with dignity and respect.

“It took a sweet retiree to remind us of
why we were running in the first place.”

The Last Two

We have two marathons to go and the rest time between October and November is only two weeks. We are packing out our deployment bags and getting ready to mobilize to Bucks County and visit Washington’s Crossing.

Fingers crossed it will happen as planned, we are looking forward to racing in person.