Having run four monthly marathons since January 2021, both Bobby Brooks and Rick Heppard are beginning to feel the strain of their endeavor with minor injuries and fatigue. This past weekend they ran the Gettysburg Festival of Races. While the weather was perfect and the energy on the course offered a much-needed lift, the duo went into marathon #4 facing personal struggles.

Heppard: We started strong, a little too strong and the first few miles were well above our normal pace. [During the second half] I started to feel miles in my lower back and Achilles. By mile 20, I could feel the culmination of the previous marathons. I’m going to look at more effective post-race recovery techniques and some new ways to fuel during the race to help combat the muscle fatigue.

Brooks: I went into this race not sure if I would be able finish. A couple of weeks ago I injured rib cage cartilage and I wasn’t able to run for two weeks. I took some medicine and hoped for the best. Everything turned out fine and I was able to run the marathon pain free.

Fundraising update: There have been 48 contributions that include 8 monthly sponsors. We are almost at 10% of our goal with a lot of time left.

Their May marathon will be run locally at the end of the month. Running for Heroes invites local runners to join them for any length of the course – a 3K, 5K, 10-miles, half or even the whole thing!

To join them, just reach out to them via their Facebook page. They ask only that you donate to their fundraiser in any amount.

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