Our Impact
Our Impact
Hero’s Bridge serves elderly veterans, bridging our veterans to a better quality of life through age-specific and innovative programs. View our full 2023 Impact Report here and find other financial information here.
2023 Numbers
Hero’s Bridge appreciates the time and dedication of all its volunteers. In 2023, Hero’s Bridge had 383 volunteers and 38 youth volunteers. See how our volunteers and staff have made an impact in 2023 below.
Ready-To-Eat Meals Delivered
Volunteer Hours Donated
Equals $85,128
Rides Provided
Battle Buddy Visits
In-person and virtual visits and friendly calls.
Care Packages Delivered
Paw Patrol Visits
Our Donors / Veterans
We're Growing

In 2023, we were bold with our goals to meet the needs of our older heroes. We opened the first National Battle Buddy Call Center so that every older veteran in need could have a Battle Buddy. We also have been fighting through a contentious rezoning battle to establish the first Village specializing in the needs of aging veterans.

Our Donors
Our Veterans
Battle Buddy
Battle Buddy Program

The Battle Buddy Program pairs elderly veterans with a dedicated younger veteran trained using the rapidly growing Community Health Worker philosophy, to provide direct in-home services.

Honor Guard
Honor Guard

Many of our nation’s heroes, especially those who served in Vietnam, returned home and experienced animosity and disrespect from those who opposed the war. Our Honor Guard provides many services such as replacing lost medals, finding lost comrades, recording life stories, portrait sessions, and hosting veteran socials.

Home Front
Home Front

Faced with fixed incomes, our veterans often do not have the funds to make repairs. Our Home Front team assists with maintenance issues, safety assessments, and yard work so our heroes maintain a safe and comfortable home.

Paw Patrol
Paw Patrol

Recognizing the positive impact of pets in our veterans' lives, our Paw Patrol team arranges home and nursing facility pet visits. They also help the veterans care for aging pets and help find loving new homes when our veteran makes that difficult decision.

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Hero’s Bridge Village

Not every veteran can age in place and for them, we are building the Village. The Hero’s Bridge Village will strengthen the webs of support and friendship, which are the basis for healthy, livable communities for our aging veterans to age in place.

Where Innovation Meets Need

The Village is currently fighting a contentious rezoning battle and is in need of funding to make our dream a reality. Donate today to further our impact!

Donate Today!

The Village is currently fighting a contentious rezoning battle and is in need of funding to make our dream a reality. We never charge our veterans for any of our services and are dependent on individuals and organizations that love veterans as much as we do. Donate today to further our impact!