Every day is Veterans Day at Hero’s Bridge, however we are always grateful at this time of year when the nation takes time to recognize and honor all Veterans who have so honorably served. We will be spending special one-on-one time with many of our veterans that week and delivering care packages created by volunteers. We will also be attending the Hospital Hill Veterans Ceremony where you can view the latest Guardians of Freedom portraits. (weather permitting)

In 2019, a young man from the United Kingdom was asked to put something together to be read at a small event for veterans. What he wrote in just 40 minutes went viral on social media as people everywhere were touched by his insightful words. I was moved by a vision of so many older veterans walking, singing, laughing side by side to a happier place. This is exactly what we strive for at Hero’s Bridge every day. I am happy to share Joshua’s poem with you.

One Thousand Men Are Walking
One thousand men are walking
Walking side by side
Singing songs from home
The spirit as their guide
they walk toward the light milord
they walk towards the sun
they smoke and laugh and smile together
no foes to outrun
these men live on forever
in the hearts of those they saved
a nation truly grateful
for the path of peace they paved
they march as friends and comrades
but they do not march for war
step closer to salvation
a tranquil steady corps
the meadows lit with golden beams
a beacon for the brave
the emerald grass untrampled
a reward for what they gave
they dream of those they left behind
and know they dream of them
forever in those poppy fields
there walks one thousand men

Joshua Dyer – 2019 (aged 14)

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