It is a privilege to serve our veterans in their hour of need.

I hear this time and time again from our volunteers, supporters, and team members. While we don’t perform these tasks for the benefits we reap, we undeniably benefit from helping our veterans.

This holiday season, we showed up in even greater ways. From the Christmas parade, to care packages, to Angel Tree gifts, phone calls, and cards, we have been showering our veterans with care all month long.

But there is more we can do.

This Christmas, as you gather to celebrate the holidays with your loved ones, we ask that you remember our most senior citizens who are spending their holidays alone, isolated, and perhaps in inadequate housing lacking heat, food, and other necessary comforts.

As Hero’s Bridges looks to the New Year, we have our eyes set on big announcements about Village and plans to ensure that every aging veteran lives their senior years in comfort.

Here, I share with you a recap of our holiday festivities and some of the ways we celebrated with our veterans. Our official newsletter will be sent on its regular day, the fourth Tuesday of the month.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Hero’s Bridge!

See our holiday festivities.