It is with the dedication and commitment of our healthcare professionals that Hero’s Bridge is able to carry out its mission.

We rely on the kind-heartedness of our volunteers to stand beside our veterans and be a point of contact during an otherwise lonely time, but it is our registered nurses and experienced healthcare workers who can address the more pressing needs and health concerns that each of our veterans has.

One Hero’s Bridge project that has been temporarily suspended as a result of COVID-19 is our portrait gallery: Presenting the Guardians of Freedom. This exhibit showcases just some of our veterans who answered the call to serve during World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Each one has a story to tell. In this newsletter, we are proud to feature local veteran Carolyn Kirkland, née Mellon, who is shown here holding an image of her late husband Bud, a retired Marine, who passed away in 2016. Read more.