In celebration of Independence Day, on July 3 Hero’s Bridge coordinated a pinning ceremony with two of its members at the Rappahannock Senior Center.

The veterans were invited to stand and share their service memories with the group. They were given a pin and certificate from Hero’s Bridge that read “We Appreciate our Veterans.”

For both Army veterans recognized during the ceremony, humility reigned, and neither wanted to share their experiences; one simply stating that he served stateside and the other that he served in the Korean War.

Following the brief ceremony, seniors in attendance were invited to share their service stories from either personal accounts or those of family members. Below is a list of military connection from the seniors in the attendance.

  • Marine WWII
  • A son who served in the Army for 6 years
  • A Brother who served in the Air Force
  • Ex-husband was a Marine in active duty for 30 years
  • Husband was drafted into the Army during the Korean War
  • Ex-husband was in the Army
  • Grandson is a Marine
  • Husband was a Navy gunner on a Pacific Destroyer during WWII
  • Grandfather was in both WWI and WWII
  • Husband had two brothers killed in WWII. When he was drafted their mother said, “You killed two of my sons and you can’t have the third.” He went into the service when she passed away.
  • A Brother who was shot in hand during Vietnam and could no longer play the guitar
  • Father who was in WWII and ready to come home but his name was spelled wrong on the paperwork. Had a hard time collecting his pension. His discharge papers were also spelled wrong.
  • Father was 17 years old in WWII and went through training with John Kennedy
  • Husband was in the Army and later became a Marine
  • Husband was 17 years-old when he joined the Navy
  • Husband was in the Army and two brothers served as Marines
  • Father was in WWII
  • Husband is a Vietnam vet
  • Husband was in the Army and the only survivor of a plane crash
  • Brother in the Army
  • 8 nephews are in the Army
  • Brother was in the Army
  • Two sons are in the Air Force and one was in the Army and then Air Force
  • Son served in army

Hero’s Bridge Honor Guard provides special ceremonies to honor our region’s valiant individuals. Whenever possible, Hero’s Bridge includes local youth organizations in honoring these heroes. providing the new generation with an experience and education in gratitude, respect and value of our service men and women. To our servicemen, we thank you.

Watch social media for the next scheduled pinning ceremony.