This has been an exciting month for Hero’s Bridge!

While my team held down the fort, I attended the first week of the Bush Institute leadership program. This program is giving me an opportunity to learn from peers and national experts how to best grow the organization to serve an increasing number of aging veterans without sacrificing the quality of programming.

As I sat among my cohort, I thought of our Vietnam veteran Ray who lives a quiet life in the rural Culpeper countryside today, but in his youth, he helped run communications in Vietnam as a lineman. In his aging years, Ray is removed from most of his family members and calls our Community Healthcare Worker sometimes ten times daily. In most cases, he is just looking for someone to talk to. As I sat through sessions during my leadership week, my thoughts returned to Ray. I was there for him and aging veterans like him. Every aging veteran should be able to reach someone in a time of need or even loneliness. It is this quality of care that I am working to maintain as we grow Hero’s Bridge to reach more aging veterans.

It is an honor and privilege to sit among of this group of individuals and I am excited to see where this experience takes us!

And while I work to grow Hero’s Bridge, the team is working diligently to execute our programming and promote everything we accomplish on a daily basis.  Read the newsletter.