In observance of Veterans Day 2020, Hero’s Bridge is pleased to reveal the first of a series of veteran portraits aptly named Guardians of Freedom. The exhibit showcases regional veteran portraits taken with their military portrait. Some veterans are featured alone because no image from their service could be found.

“We are proud of our local veterans and the sacrifices they have made in the name of freedom. At Hero’s Bridge we always stay focused on the whole veteran, their past, present and future. Even our logo embodies this mission by showing the shadow of the former soldier that is always close behind our aging veterans. This exhibit parallels that same mission in a very real and personal way with the actual heroes we serve,” said Molly Brooks CEO and co-founder of Hero’s Bridge. “It is our pleasure to launch this exhibit at Fauquier Health as their Emergency Room and case managers have always been so faithful in making sure that veterans in need are aware of our services,” she added.

“It is an honor to showcase this series of veteran portraits in our hospital in light of Veterans Day. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to say thank you to those who have sacrificed so much. These portraits will stand strong in our halls and will be admired by all our staff, physicians, patients, and accompanying visitors,” said Sarah Cubbage, Sr. Marketing Coordinator.

The exhibit will be on display from November 9 through November 20 in honor of the holiday. If you know a veteran who would like to be a part of future exhibits, please contact Aimée O’Grady at