During this season of giving, support those who have served our nation.

Hero's Bridge celebrates our older veterans with pinning ceremonies.Each day of the year, Hero’s Bridge helps local aging veterans. One of our core values is to remain centric to older heroes and during this season of giving, we invite you to join us in our mission and learn more about how we assist our local aging veterans.

We have identified unique and specific needs older veterans have and we need partners to assist us in meeting their needs. Each veteran we honor is stoic and rarely asks for help, even when they need it.

We understand and recognize their needs and help them maintain dignity while getting them help they need and deserve. Our team of volunteers are amazing and are ultimately the “boots on the ground” offering their assistance to aging heroes on a daily basis.

However, we understand how busy everyone’s schedule may be and some people no matter how much they want to volunteer may be unable to do so. We have developed the “Help A Hero” giving program which allows those interested in participating in our efforts an opportunity to do so, without the time commitment.

Hero’s Bridge president, Molly Brooks, said, “I often hear from so many people that love our Battle Buddy concept. But with jobs, kids and commutes cannot manage the time commitment of this role. This initiative allows individuals to be a ‘financial Battle Buddy’ via our monthly giving program.”

“Help a Hero” is designed for individuals who wish to be a financial Battle Buddy where they contribute $25 on a monthly basis. These monthly recurring donations allow Hero’s Bridge to do so very much for our heroes. “Help A Hero” partners are crucial and allow Hero’s Bridge to support the programs we provide to older heroes.

Dave Benhoff, Hero’s Bridge vice-president, said, “Many of our veterans have very low incomes. For example, one Vietnam veteran we recently assisted receives about $1,100 a month in social security, but his rent was over $900 a month, leaving him very little for other bills.”

“He was living off a diet of mostly peanut butter and crackers. With the gracious donations of concerned donors, we were able to provide the veteran’s Battle Buddy with gift cards to a local grocery store where they go shopping together,” said Dave. “He was very happy to have fresh fruits and vegetables, etc, to include in his diet. It sounds like a small and insignificant thing, but you should have seen his excitement at being able to buy a bunch of bananas.”

The Rapid Relief Corps may be able to assist our heroes with costly medical bills they may not have the means to paySome veterans we serve need assistance with mowing lawns, or yard clean up. Some require assistance with transportation or cleaning. Yet other individuals require help with medical bills which may not be covered by their income or VA benefits.

Hero’s Bridge incurs monthly expenses associated with our programs. We do not charge older heroes for any of our services, so we welcome financial partners to assist us in continuing helping aging veterans.

They fought for us. We fight for them. Join us in our mission and help us provide programs these older veterans need by enrolling in the “Help a Hero” program today.