It’s been a busy month celebrating the holidays with our Veterans. My family chose to do a ‘no gift’ Christmas this year.

As a mother, I had an ulterior motive. I didn’t want the children to spend their hard-earned money on me during this difficult inflationary period. What I didn’t expect was all the time saved not running around buying things most of us would forget in a month or two. I had time on my hands to reflect on all the gifts in my life, all the things that needed to be better appreciated in the New Year and all the things that needed to be left behind.

I am grateful for our growing family at Hero’s Bridge. Janelle, Shanna, Aimée, Kayla, Valerie, Rachel and Lynne all bring their special gifts to the organization and to our veterans each day. We are also blessed with so many volunteers and supporters that I wish I could name but there are just too many now and you would stop reading. This movement to better care for our aging veterans is growing, you know who you are, and we cannot do it without you.

We shared a recap of our holiday activities with you last week. Here we cover more of the business items of the organization that occurred this month.

We look forward to another meaningful year serving aging veterans. We are already preparing our 2022 Annual Report. It is so important to me that those who have chosen to join us in this mission see the results of their investment. Stay tuned for that in the New Year.

To Auld Lang Syne, everyone!

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