Like many people we know, as we head into December, we are keeping our eyes firmly on 2021. We are all experiencing COVID-fatigue and the veterans we serve are too. We know some at-risk veterans who have been at-home since March with little interaction with anyone other than their doctors. Our hearts go out to them. We eagerly await the release of a vaccine so they may get on with their lives.

While we focus on the future, we can’t help but think of how different the lives of our aging veterans would have been if our village was already established. With medical care on the premises, any medical issues would be addressed swiftly. Food would be available on-site as well, preventing the risk of viral exposure. And perhaps most importantly, loneliness and isolation would be fended off with the companionship of other village residents.

It is comforting to know that in a few short years our village will be running and we will be able to best care for our most marginalized veterans. As we end 2020, we invite you to look to the future and join us in building the village.

From all of us at Hero’s Bridge, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season. Read the newsletter.