A member of the Greatest Generation still imparting wisdom, well-needed in today’s world, U.S. Army Sgt. Larry Corbin spent 19 months amid the ravaged aftermath of the three-year Korean War.

When he returned a changed man to his hometown of Providence, Rhode Island, no one even knew he had left.

“They didn’t know we were gone—that’s why they call it the forgotten war,” said the 91-year-old Culpeper County resident during a recent visit to his daughter’s farm, where Corbin lives.

“Near the north Providence line (is) a small neighborhood, and all the guys would hang around by the store down there, so I came back. I was gone for a long time, came back to the neighborhood—‘Hey, where you been?’ In that Rhode Island accent,” Corbin recalled, laughing.

“Nobody knew I was gone, so it was like I had never been gone.” Read the full article at Culpeper Star Exponent.