Summer is winding down in our region and our youth volunteers are returning to their classrooms. We are fortunate to have 16 youth among our volunteers. We hope their interactions with our veterans have made an impression on them.

The name Hero’s Bridge is indicative of several things. First and foremost is the connection made between veterans and resources to improve their quality of life. However, we also bridge veterans to other veterans and veteran-centric individuals to give them companionship and a friend.

And finally, Hero’s Bridge also creates a bridge between generations. Our most senior veterans who fought in World War II are a valuable firsthand resource for youth. An hour, every few weeks spent with a veteran will impart such knowledge.

Knowledge that we hope they are taking back to the classroom with them. When their lessons touch on topics ranging from WWII to as recently as the Iranian hostage crisis, we hope they will think of our veterans and make a bridge themselves; from the information being shared to the fragile old man or woman whose company they kept not too long ago.

We hope our students have a wonderful school year and we look forward to their return to our legion of volunteers ready to help a veteran in need!

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