Since March, we have watched our nation’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and while in many cases the lock-down of nursing homes and senior facilities did greatly reduce the risk of exposure for our most at-risk citizens, this is not true for every lock-down. Our hearts go out to those who have loved one of any age during this time.

While it is our wish that we could expand our reach and better serve an even greater number of aging veterans, we take comfort in helping those that we can provide our services to. During the pandemic, we have continued to strengthen our existing programs, launch innovative new ones, and embraced the warm summer weather to invite our volunteers to help with socially distanced garden and yard work.

In this newsletter, you will read more examples of how we are serving our veterans. If you have a veteran who is in need, would like to share their story, or if you would like to volunteer with us, please reach out. Read the newsletter.