This was such an exciting month for us! We welcomed eighteen new veterans to our services which is a record number for us.

One of our combat Vietnam veterans was also gifted a new roof by a local construction company. This is significant to us for several reasons. First, it is reassuring for us to see other groups regard aging veterans as worthy beneficiaries of philanthropy.

It’s also significant because of how his name ended up on anyone’s radar. There is a network of entities that all work together to make the lives of our aging veterans, and seniors in general, better. In the Piedmont region, it consists of small nonprofits each focused on something different, but with shared efforts, we accomplish a lot.

Beyond our region, it is national efforts. In the case of the new roof, VALOR Home contacted the Virginia Department of Veteran Services looking for a deserving recipient. They in turn, directed VALOR Home to Hero’s Bridge. We are pleased to know that our name comes up when a request is made for a veteran in need.

We celebrated the Hendricks’ new roof with them and representatives from VALOR Home, local law enforcement, and Hero’s Bridge supporters. As I watched everyone smiling and enjoying the moment with the Hendricks, I silently celebrated everything we are able to accomplish every day for each of our aging veterans with the help of those around us.

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