As an organization that serves aging veterans, many of the people we help are men who served in WWII, the Korean War, and/or the Vietnam War.

Many, but not all.

Over the years, we have featured female veterans who have had groundbreaking careers during their service. They are featured in our newsletter, our Guardians of Freedom exhibit, our website and even on our passenger van driving around town. In recognition of Women’s History Month, it is a privilege to continue showcasing the valuable and progressive work of aging female veterans.

This month we feature a Navy Veteran who helped keep the United States informed of the whereabouts Russian submarines while attention was focused on Vietnam. Peggy Hembree is proud of the fact that she helped Americans sleep better at night knowing they were safe from Russian attack.

The irony of the last sentence and current events is not lost on anyone. We are watching tomorrow’s history unfold before our eyes. We are watching today’s heroes take up arms to protect their country, citizens become soldiers. Families are hugging farewells in hopes that they will see each other again.

Hero’s Bridge serves aging veterans, fully aware that there will be more aging veterans. When the last Vietnam Veteran is gone, the Cold War veterans will be over 65 and so on.

Today and in the future, Hero’s Bridge stands firmly with those who defend their freedoms. Read the newsletter.